There are a lot of really great iPhone mockups out there. I’ve found lately though that I’ve needed to show some apps running on an iPhone. The problem I’ve run into is that most templates available out there are typically created for screen use, meaning they are created at a lower resolution, i.e. 72 ppi. For press ready files I need a higher resolution. To aliviate this problem I decided to create a iPhone from scratch. Upon completing this I decided to share this with any one else that could use it. I’ve had the iPhone 4S version for a while but I decided to update the file with an iPhone 5 version, I am looking to create an iPhone 6/6 Plus and 6s/6s Plus.

About this file

The file was created using Adobe Photoshop CS5. I have not tested and make no assumptions that it will work in in any other version of Photoshop or programs capable of reading Adobe Photoshop Layered files such as Pixelmator or Gimp.

The original Vector Paths are included as shape layers within the file if you are needing to edit just a certain path.

Fully Editable

All of the elements of the phone are editable. To edit the text you will need Helvetica Neue. This particular file uses Helvetica Neue LT Std. You can try different fonts but note that the appearance might be affected. The type areas that can be changed:

CARRIER: Edit this to display the Carrier of your choice. Please note that might require extra copyright notice.

XG: Edit this to display the “band” you want to show. This could be something such as EDGE, 3G, 4G, or LTE. I’s up to you.

Battery Life: How charged do you want your phone to show?

Time: If your displaying the Lock Screen you can change the large time display. If your not showing the Lock screen you’ll want to turn the lock icon off and turn the time Text layer on in the “Stat Bar” Layer Set. The Time can also be changed to display any time you want

Date: The date on the lock screen can be changed to display any date you want.

Slide to Unlock: If you need to show the phone is another language you can edit the “slide to unlock” text to reflect the language you want, such as “Entsperren” for German.

From White to Black: As everyone knows Apple offers the iPhone in two flavors, White and Black. To easily change your iPhone from white to black all you need to do is: choose the Inner Bevel Layer and turn the “Color Overlay” layer effect on.

Usage Rights:

Ok here comes the mumbo jumbo. First off please realize that the Apple iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. you can read about it here ( and here ( So make sure you give adequate credit.

As for using this image all I ask is that you please let me know where your using it. Thats it, I’m not gonna charge you or anything. I’m just interested in knowing where my stuff could end up being used.