Photoshop World Las Vegas

This last week I had the opportunity to attend the Photoshop World Conference in Las Vegas Nevada. This marked my fourth year attending this users conference hosted by NAPP – National Association of Photoshop Professionals. This year though I decided to attend with a slightly different goal, photography.

In the past I have regularly attended to learn more about using Adobe Photoshop in a production environment. Or to attend one of Terry White’s class on using Adobe InDesign. This year though I wanted to learn more about photography. I love to see and look at amazing photographs taken by other people, such as my coworker Ian Wambold. I’ve taken some photos in the past such as when I worked at Exair Corporation. But that was product Photography, a different beast from photographing people.

Here’s a run down of my time at Photoshop World Las Vegas for this show.

Tuesday 9/4/2012

Registration/ Check in at 11:30. The crew from NAPP couldn’t have made it easier. I stood in line for about 5 mins, only to be done checking in in about 2 mins once I got to the counter. With my pre-conference notebook and conference workbook I was off to my pre-con class.

Canon Live Shoot by Reznicki, Tapp

As with most Pre-Confrnece Classes at Photoshop World Las Vegas this one is longer than the standard classes. This class clocked in at just over 6 hrs, well worth the additional price.

Pros: The Presentation by Reznicki was very insightful. The way he was able to present was fairly engaging. Tapp would chime in from time to time, but he wasn’t the one presenting so it was fine. Canon brought in three different models for the class and set up 3 different sets to allow us the chance to shoot and use what we had learned. But they also had an instructor at each station to help out. Once you had the transmitter for the strobe slaves you had their ear.
Cons: With thirty to forty attendees and three stations they could have, and needed to do a better job pushing people through. Some attendees were given 30 minutes while other only had 5 minutes. As a result several people were only able to photograph 2 of the 3 models.

I also was fortunate to win one of the giveaways during the class. I got a copy of NIK Sharpener Pro 3.0 once I get to using it I’ll post a review.

Here are 4 shots that I took. I took more but these are the 4 I like the most.

Photoshop World Las Vegas - Canon-Live-Shoot-1
Photoshop World Las Vegas - Canon-Live-Shoot-2
Photoshop World Las Vegas - Canon-Live-Shoot-3
Photoshop World Las Vegas - Canon-Live-Shoot-4


Wednesday 9/5/12

The Morning started with waiting in line for the Opening Keynote. Before they open the doors to the Hall for the Keynote everyone gathers and talks. If you this is a perfect time to network, you are literally surrounded by hundreds of other attendees all with the same passion for creativity as you. Then the door opens and everyone rush’s in to get a good seat for the show..


The Keynote

If you ever have the chance to go to PSW the Keynote is one of the best things. Scott Kelby and his group put a huge amount of time and effort into the theme of the show. and every year they do an opening skit to kick things off. Here is the opening 7 minutes of the show.


Getting the Most from Adobe Photoshop Touch Russel Brown

Of all the Instructors at Photoshop World Las Vegas there are two that I attend any chance I get, Russell Brown and Terry White. For the first class of the day I had to choose between the two. Since I know Indesign I bypassed Terry’s Class and went to Russell’s. The class was great, it covered Photoshop Touch from Adobe. Which just happened to be updated that day. Adobe is really getting some good programs out there that allow us to use our Tablets in our workflow.

Pros: Great instruction and enthusiasm from Russell Brown.
Cons: Sometimes the class can feel like it is going off subject.


Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it Scott Kelby

Two words: Great Class! Scott has the ability to really open you up to the idea of photography. Even if you’re new to it. If you get the chance to attend any of his classes you won’t be sorry. By watching Scott and his assistant Brad set up lighting and equipment you get a sense of how easy it could be to get started. He also goes into how you can then take these great shots you’ve taken and make them better!

Pros: Really good insight into things to consider when it comes to Photography and lighting.
Cons: There was some technical difficulties, Scotts camera wasn’t firing the lights. But once it was resolved it was good.

EXPO Hall Opened

The expo hall at Photoshop World Las Vegas is great. All of the vendors are great in that they all answer your questions. Off all the exhibitors one of the best on a yearly bases is Kelby Training and the bookstore. This is a great time to pick up some books at great prices usually starting at 25% off.

After the Kelby and Adobe booths I really wanted to stop by Westcott’s booth. The last couple of PSWs Westcott has had their shootouts. This is where they setup shooting areas and allow you to come and shoot models that they bring in. Everyday they brought in models and rotated out through out the day. While I didn’t get the chance to shoot them all I did shoot some. Here are my shots from Wednesday:

Photoshop World Las Vegas - Photo by Eric Wyatt using Westcott products.

Photo by Eric Wyatt using Westcott products.

Photoshop World Las Vegas - Photo by Eric Wyatt using Westcott products.

Photo by Eric Wyatt using Westcott products.

Photoshop HollyWood Effects Corey Barker

Corey’s class was great in showing how to use Photoshop to create the same effects you see on Hollywood posters a such as the Three musketeers. It shows you that anyone with Photoshop can recreate and produce their own world.

Pros: Wonderfully presented in that it was easy to follow along and know what is being done.
Cons: It would be nice to see this class expanded to go from photo shoot to finished project.
Take aways: Corey has a great book called Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers


Thursday 9/6/2012

Playing with Time Julieanne Kost

Julieanne Kost is really starting to become one of my favorite people to learn from. Working at Adobe she has some great insights into Adobe programs and how to use them. this class was great, she covered time-lapse photography and how you can use Photoshop to edit and enhance them.

Pros: Great insights and very easy to listen to.
Cons: Honestly nothing really.
Take aways: Julieanne Kost is amazing her work is phenomenal and very insightful. Her book:Window Seat: The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinkingis fantastic and a great read. She also helped with the book Adobe Photoshop CS6 Classroom in a Book if you want to learn Photoshop, this is the book to start with.


Photoshop Restoration Crash Course Matt Kloskowski

Have you ever looked through old family photos and I mean old ones. the ones that are black and yellowish, cracked scratched and faded. and looked at them and thought how can these look better? Matt’s class gives insight into getting started in restoring these photos. After attending his class it got me anxious to start looking for these images and see if I can bring out some of those family memories.

Pros: Matt always has great classes with a lot of stuff to think about.
Cons: Never seem to have enough time at the end to ask him questions.But thats usually because he teaches the entire time.


Sharing Socially: Bring People Back to your Website Rafael Concepcion

All I can say is wow! RC went over so much that I hadn’t thought of, or he reaffirmed some ideas I had. I can’t wait to start implementing some of these ideas.

Pros: Great Great Insight! Lots to think about and put into action.
Cons: I think RC might of had a few to many Red Bulls 🙂
Take aways: RC’s book Get Your Photography on the Web: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Show and Sell Your Work perfect companion to his class with more info.

Creating Interactive Portfolios for Tablets Terry White

As I mentioned above Terry is one of my favorites at Photoshop World Las Vegas. Terry is a wonderful resource to learn about Tech stuff and ways to do things. This class was great in showcasing how easy Adobe is making it to publish interactive content for tablet devices. Terry showed how quickly he was able to create a iPad version of his portfolio. Once you learn these secrets you realize how publishing to the iPad is possible.

Pros: Great advice on how to quickly create for both vertical and horizontal layouts. And how to quickly design one and have Indesign do the majority of the work for the other orientation.
Cons: Terry’s classes always fill up it would be nice if they moved him to another location.
Take away: I really need to follow this guy more on Twitter and Facebook.



Back to the Westcott booth. This time there was some help from Russell Brown who dressed up as Dr. Frankenstein, he was great. Here are some more shots I took.

Photoshop World Las Vegas - westcott-shootout-3
Photoshop World Las Vegas - westcott-shootout-4
Photoshop World Las Vegas - westcott-shootout-5
Photoshop World Las Vegas - westcott-shootout-7

Photographers Guide to Success Joel Grimes

Joel plain and simple is awesome. Joel’s style of photography is beautiful. Joel gave some great advice for marketing yourself. While it was primarily about photography everything he said was applicable to anyone trying to be successful. Two things that really stood out at me:

  1. Persistence will win over more people than a great portfolio
  2. You can get a job just as fast as someone else can lose a job.
Pros: Joel is very open and uses his personal experience to back up what he says.
Cons: Would have like to see Joel discuss more on how to look for open slots to fill in a marketplace.
Take aways: If you want to see a great book featuring Joel’s work look for Navajo: Portrait of a Nation


Friday 9/7/2012

Time Saving Scripts, Panels & Actions Russell Brown

Again another of Russell’s classes. This is the class you want to take if you want to learn shortcuts to improve production and processes. One of the best tools for Photoshop I ever got is a plug-in that emails either a single open image or all open images. by simply click on the button it automatically takes the current file(s) and attaches a JPG to your a blank email in your email program. The best part is that it doesn’t fill up your computer with a ton of flattened images that you created just for emailing.

Pros: as usual Russell was awesome.
Cons: Seemed very hurried this time.
Take aways: Russell’s site is a great little resource to learn more about scripts and time savers check it out here.



Back to Westcott and Adobe’s booth. Here’s more Shots.

Photoshop World Las Vegas - Photo by Eric Wyatt using Westcott products.

Photo by Eric Wyatt using Westcott products.

Taking Your HDR Images to the Next Level Rafael Concepcion

2nd class from RC this show. He is a great presenter I really enjoy his classes. This time RC showed some of his process in improving HDR images.

Pros: RC gave some great tips to improve the results of HDR photos
Cons: HDR is one of the things that you either love it or hate it. Its not for everyone.
Take aways: RC’s book The HDR Book: Unlocking the Pros’ Hottest Post-Processing Techniques
is a great resource to reference when going for the HDR Look.





Check out Westcotts Website for great lighting equipment.